The Day of Adequacy

Hello, unusual morning. Never should I feel disappointed to be waiting for your arrival. It’s July 27, 2010.

The hand hour showed ten-past-three, as my mother woke me up early, I found out myself just a few inches far from an adequacy. The hunger of the longing for the big game ahead, the thirst of bringing myself onto a lectern, telling the world that I am the one who leads and/or represents 25 million people of Indonesia. They are laid on our shoulder. We ain’t let them roll over our shoulder, no matter what. *What Yudhi said*. Hahaha.. Well, but that’s the truth. I have been longing for this spectacular moment which might be the one and only chance in my life, to change it roundly. All the paths which have been written until this very moment, will remain, but the new footprints thereafter are gonna change forever.

Alright, let’s start from this early morning.

I got myself prepared, right after my eyes are really opened and I can really think quite clearly. I had all my luggage and backpack packed and ready to leave. The time struck to 3.50 and I said goodbye for awhile to my home, especially my lovely bed.

We had to be at the airport at 4:30 a.m. The only teacher who comes along with us is Pak Higinus. Before the flight, we thought that all the busyness is gonna start once we are there, but that was 180 degrees different at all. You’ll uncover the excitement.

We used Garuda Indonesia. I can still remember the flight number, GA 822. We met at Gate E3. My mother came along by my side, when we were both walking toward Gate E3. Some faces were discovered there. Evan, Zoya, Gary and Jeffry, excluding me. There were just five of us. But we still got Kay, Karin and Yudhi to join altogether with us. But, unluckily, Yudhi used Air Asia Indonesia. He wasn’t cool under that circumstance.

We landed in Singapore at 9 a.m. local time. Well, remember, one hour difference between Indonesia and Singapore.

Through the spare time we had, we spent about one hour or two, chattering at the lobby of our hotel, YMCA (Metropolitan Y Singapore). Even that the hotel appearance didn’t give any amazement at the first glance, but inside, it was incredibly triumphed against all of the negative thoughts about the hotel. The internet speed is 3.7 Mbps — the fastest internet speed I ever have. Can you imagine? Write the future, Write the history.

For your information, all what we were doing on July 27 were all planned in sudden. It wasn’t even more than an hour. All the decisions and inferences were beyond all of the edge of restriction. πŸ˜€

The first thing that we hardly planned and decided was going to Sentosa Island, with further assistance and conclusion, we went to Universal Studio Singapore! We left at more or less 12 p.m.

The fun that we had was nearly the edge of words ability to describe. The fun we shared among 8 of us was terrific and certainly memorable. We spent over six hours there.

Well, the time’s keep ticking and it shows 12:12 a.m, Singapore local time. I’ll tell all of my blog subscriber all the details and deployment of joy that embraced us through the whole 36,000 seconds. Today was a true adequacy, no more adequacy, no doubt.


Gregorius Erico

YMCA, Singapore

Warm regard from all YDL: Evan, Jeffry, Zoya, Gary, Kay, Karin and Yudhi

AYC Preparatory – Day 2

The weekly morning busyness aroused my conciousness. The clock ticked and passed by 7.15 as the voice of my mom heard from distance away from my ear. But today, I skipped the early buzz. I had to leave for school. Though, I was dealing with another business at school. Should have I been glad with it. We were going to have the second official preparatory day for AYC. I left home just in 1 hour 45 minutes after I broke the dawn of my sleep.

I got off the car in front of the school hall at sharp 9. Well, Evan and I thought we were late, unless the teacher and our ‘future leader‘, whom his name is pronounced the same with the teacher, Yudhi, haven’t come. When we approached to Audio Visual 2, I could just recognise some faces which were familiar to me; Natasha, Karina and one or two other people. I can’t remember them – you, sorry. The room was still invisible throughout the door – dark and empty.

Thereupon, we were sitting besides the pillars, huddling together and turned the setting up. Some parents were seen demanding for something. We didn’t really know whereabouts they were heading to.

Thereupon, the other friends approached from the second floor. But, oddly enough, most of the approached up there, though we were thronging downstairs. Under no circumstances should our voice weren’t loud enough to be heard across the main hall, as there were enough space for other hundreds people to assemble.

No longer, Yudhi showed up. With the smile that he sometimes wears, he spoke words that pictured a message of apology due to his late presence. In few minutes, Mr. Yudhi stepped towards the room door, respectively, and we followed.

The first session began until 10.35. We had break-time until 10.45. It was short, huh? The bud of fun hadn’t bloomed. Throughout the time, we hadn’t had any too fun part, anyway. It was still quiet and low. When the break ended, we returned to AV2 and continued the session until 12.30.

Once the spirit was triggered, the atmosphere turned blasted. All the frozen fire were burnt and echo of our voice heard, widely, to every room corners. The laughter followed the popped-jokes. They came along together, respectively. We ordered the 14045. Before the summit began, Cathy and I ordered food from McDonald as well. I ordered egg muffin, while Cathy the two had-turned-cold-hotcakes. I ate two pieces of chicken with rice during the lunch. I couldn’t accommodate the remaining chicken pieces, unless I didn’t buy the muffin earlier today. I fulled my tummy and got along with the urging sessions. The last remaining sessions remained the greatest today. The bound had been broken among us. Until the end of the day, everything flowed smoothly.

The bell tolled and we dispersed.

AYC Preparatory Days

Saturday, July 17 2010.

On that day, we are going to have our second official meeting for preparation for ASEAN Youth Convention (AYC). We are going to be injected with some issues and training about the convention. We held our first official meeting on Wednesday, July 15 2010. How can we give our best enrollment and contribution in the convention as if we have nothing to be grown inside our head – no seed of any knowledge?

On Saturday, we are going to hold meeting with duration of SIX hours. None of us has imagined of what on Earth we are going to do. That gives us food for thought.

We have come so far and so close to the convention. It’s just less then two weeks ahead for us, the leaders. We just need to take another few steps, heading to the new life beyond the gateway. We are going to leave on July 27, 2010 while the other ordinary – none of us are literally ordinary, because they have joined this convention, it’s definitely not ordinary. They are just the participants – non-leaders. I’m included into the group of leaders. There are 8 leaders from our school – leaders and assistant leaders. We are going to represent Indonesia and team during the convention in Singapore. I think it’s gonna be a fun, extraordinary and remarkable activity.

In Singapore, we may meet people who have influence and existence in building Asia, training it becoming the truly tigers; Minister of Singapore, General Secretariat of ASEAN and so forth.

Recalling our previous meeting, we discussed about how we are going to design our future stand for Indonesia during the convention, how we will present Indonesia to the world. That must be the manifestation of our pride and prestige. We did a presentation in front of the participants of our own and Renhui, the presenter of the meeting from Singapore. She is currently taking university in University of Toronto in Canada – just like my cousins, Mika and Nico. *Jacky, you must know them*

Everybody did proverbial job during the period. Their ideas were great. Those which didn’t come across my mind, popped inside theirs.

Okay, just another pronouncement of passion and spirit for the convention.

Quotes that Approached in My Mind

This Earth is round. Literally, when you walk to theΒ  East, you’ll approach from West, returning to the same spot. But there’s one single moment, when you walk North, you’ll never pass South. That’s the principle of dream. It’s endless… as long as you have the courage to keep dreaming.

The land is too wide to be waded. The sea is too deep to be dived and the sky is too high to be grabbed. All these thoughts won’t interfere when you are being you. Passion, willingness an virtue. It’s all that you need to dream. When you have them, you will see even more fascinating and dazzling views inside. Bigger, mesmerizing and wondrous.

Mixed Furors

Hello, bloggers.. well, um.. WordPress-er? Okay, no matter.

It has been a long time, I guess, since I made my last post a few months ago. Actually, I had an idea that triggered me to visit

I want to define some moments during the holiday, and today, the first day of the school. I think I’ll start this story-telling about my holiday.

During last year break holiday – I’m going to Grade 9, I had such a holiday with no much noise, actually. But I think that was a fair holiday, personally. At least, I wasn’t ‘moss-ing’ through.

I went to Bali on the second week of holiday. That was June 22 until June 27. The trip was good. I ate much there, and I gained 1 kg weight. That was probably one thing that comforted me. πŸ™‚ My weight sped from 54.5kg to 55.5kg.

During this special holiday, I had a fairly deep longing of a thing. As the World Cup was held during June 11 to July 11, coincided with our school holiday, I had a thought of redirecting my extracurricular to football. Respecting towards it, I was longing for a new football shoes. I had never been in football team or any business issued to football. Just two days after my return from Bali, my mom and grandma went to Senayan City with me, buying new shoes there. Well, once my mom said a ‘yes’, coming along with me there, it was an abrupt blaze. I bought mercurial elite, it cost 830.000 rupiahs.

I think that’s all for my holiday.

Today, is my first day of school, in Grade 9. I felt a particular excitement, waking up in the morning, got myself prepared and went to school. I suspended this daily activity for approximately a month. It is just another glad, being able to recall that ‘on-vacation’ activity. It was off for holiday?

I’m in 9D. Many other friends say 9D might be the best – funnest, craziest, fanciest and others of the rest of grade 9s. And this morning, I think I agree with them, solely. The classmates were fun and fussy. But today they just haven’t awoken yet, the class was still quiet.

I’m in the same class again, together with Kevin, Benny and Martella. I have been in the same class with Martella for 5 years since primary school; with Kevin for 3 years since grade 7; and with Benny for 2 years since last year.

Nothing special but yesterday. I hanged out with my friends to SMS – Summarecon Mal Serpong. We watched Eclipse – 2nd time for me, and Despicable Me. Eclipse was, honestly, the most boring movie. Yeah, I don’t really like it. πŸ™‚

But, I liked Despicable Me and which I confessed to Cicil there. hahaha.. That’s it. I had premeditated it before, just in an instantaneous time.

I’m in the same class with her, luckily, accidentally.

I have to collaborate with my new environment. Gotta work my best.

It seems like my writing is degrading. I am sad. I have to write more and more, and be such a good writer. I want to write better than Karin. You, be prepared.