The Fragment between SOME ‘The Professionals’ and ‘The Novices’

Well, I glanced the TV, Star World channel. The time showed 8:20 pm. I was walking from the kitchen toward my bedroom.

I saw an advertisement in which sporty-thing appeared on the screen, but I couldn’t remember exactly what advertisement that was. But, the big thing that popped in my mind was about the title of this note.

Through more than 14 years of my life, since I was born, I have acquainted lots of people. No matter who they are, where they are and what they are. What is the connotation for the word what there?

The what that I mean are their position, their place, their job, and so on. I have known many people with different levels in their own society. If I classify them into minor groups, it will be endless. But, respecting the title of this note, I want to divide my friends into two major groups: Professionals and Novices. They are categorised based on their own speciality and capability in their lives.

Having many experience and skills doesn’t guarantee you many friends, whereas knowing many people and being in the middle of them promises you much more various and informal experience. That’s the common thing.

I want to talk about SOME people who are professionals and novices. They have their own life-paths. The novices can be the professionals, while the professionals – whom mostly are famous, could enter their downturn. Why? It is life. Can it be described? Obviously, yes.

When I saw the picture on the TV screen when I passed by, I was thinking of how ‘The Professionals’ and ‘The Novice’ think of what they do in portion where they think they expert the most. When this line appeared, I was imagining the students – my school, coming up together to their coaches, after having the football training, including me. This is the story:

Coach: “Alright, everyone. How was the training today?”

Everyone: “Tiring!”

Coach: “Yes, you are all supposed to be tired. I have managed it.”

Well, it was just like the other day we had our training. But that moment, the coach came up with one unusual-ordinary question.

Coach: “What big thing that you think you have done during the training session today? Whatever it is! Whether you, goalkeepers, can block penalties or other shoots, or the strikers who managed a goal for the team, or the defenders, who has saved the ball.”

Imagine that 75% or more of us were those who have been in the football club for three years, the rest, just entered or had only been there for a year. When that question was proposed, the atmosphere turned into silence. Then, they started to chat with their left-and-right. They confused.

But then, a hand was seen among the bushy heads. The coach pointed him to speak, and everyone stared at him.

Kid A: “I can now pass the ball in a straight line.”

The seniors began to chuckle.

Just in counts of seconds, other two hands were raised.

Kid B: “I can shoot the ball 15 feet above the ground.”

Kid C: “I can dribble pass through him.” He pointed at one of the seniors there.

All of what they say about their biggest achievement that day didn’t seem that big.

“Are you kidding? You were just lucky! Don’t be so happy!” One of the friends of the boy that the kid pointed at shouted that sentence.

But then, Kid A replied, “You may think that our achievements are worthless in your eyes, but it’s something big for us. The point that we aim is that doing the training by heart.”

It shocked the other people there. Then, Kid B continued, “It’s not how great you play, but how much effort you put in your game. When you are playing football, play happily, but no vision of being cool and seen by many people.”

Kid C: “Every single small thing that we do bring us one step closer to our improvement.”

I t all visualises the attitude of SOME professionals who have been disguised into their pride and fame. They all think that no one else can do the same way they do, not even equal to them.

Through all the sessions of training and game, they just think that they are good enough with their skills. They play as they want. They don’t care of what they need to improve or anything else. Whereas, they humiliate the juniors. But, behind all of the sake of their own and the sake of obviousness, those kids have the potential to be better than those seniors, as well as the seniors may improve their ability or stay at the same level. The only thing that matters is: willingness.

That was just a visualisation of a kind of such situation. In real life, everything is more complicated. This case doesn’t happen only in sport teams, as well as company, nation, etc. The world is changing, so are the people.

The mindset of professionals who think that they don’t need to improve any of their skills anymore brings them to the bottom again. Why? They are iattached to the past achievements. What is the price of past achievements? They have been done, they are in the past. They won’t help us much.

The essential thing that we have to set up now is the step and preparation onwards, towards the future achievements.

As novices, they have less experience compared to the pros. Maybe they see everything in a simpler way. They don’t think of:

  1. Am I look great this way?
  2. Will this keep me good?
  3. Can this impress others?

But, what they think are:

  1. I have to do this.
  2. I want to do this.
  3. I must be able to do this.

They don’t think of any complicated stuffs before they do what they want, have and must to do. It clears their mind of worries of any mistakes. They can come up with their best.

In the end, in undergoing life, people meet many other people around them. Experiencing many new things and knowing many new friends, both things make us grow. It may bring us up, or down, but that is your choice, where you want to go. The point is, having many experience is important, so that you mayapply the goods and bads and nourish yourself, becoming a greater person.

Be both the professionals and novices in your life. Whenever you have been like them, you are not a mediocre person, instead, full.

This is just my opinion. If there’s any offensive parts, please tell me soon, and I apologise for that. Thank you.

Kind Regards,


3 replies on “The Fragment between SOME ‘The Professionals’ and ‘The Novices’”

A keen observation!
I would like to add to your division of mentality, the creative type.
The creative type is the one who doesn’t care about how silly is his creation to others, even to novices, how unimportant is his creation to the world, how imperfect is his creation to those who called themselves pros, but all he cares about is his passion to create, create, create…

I like this writing. If you print it and put it in your portfolio folder before April 8 2011, you can get a good mark for your portfolio. I promise!

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