New Year 2011

2010 is closing its journey soon. It has done many great things through the rest of its life. And so do I –experiencing my life this year. I got so many aesthetic events this year.

It has designed me, polishing me becoming someone different than before — better than before. It makes me gaining many new things to learn. It completes my day with smiles and frowns, ups and downs, laughs and tears. I love this year, entirely, from the start to the end. And I’m glad to have the chance to feel it.

And now, in counts of hours, we are all gonna wade through the line of age and time. We are drifting into a new book of life, where the Earth has arrived to the point where it started its evolution against sun.

So, by having a new year, it sounds better to have a happy new year. Shouldn’t have we been overpowered by troughs that we experienced behind. We look back, starting from the very beginning of 2010 and now, having ourselves standing at the edge of 2010, and facing forward to welcome 2011 with its mysteries, we shouldn’t be afraid.

If we begin something with joy, all good things and deeds are likely to fill our days and times we spend with people around us, as we have believed it from the beginning. It’s not a vain, for a certain thing, that we welcome 2011 with gladsome.

If we haven’t done any thing that we think is good for us, you are given another chance! Life is an never ending ocean, that you may still find an island to moor at the shore. If the waves and storms have been distracting you away from your island — goals, achievements, dreams, then, swim harder this time. Imagine yourself sitting under the coconut tree, drinking the coconut water. That must be passionating.

Everyone is fantasising to have a better life. 2011 is the time.

It’s the final countdown to welcome 2011. You can have your own way to welcome it, and make it as the best thing, and as a kindling start.


Gregorius Erico