Time Adventure

Time won’t wait for those who are left behind, but we can’t go ahead of it, too. We can just come along with it, side by side.

That’s just a basic perception and understanding about time. Time is something which is friendly to us, yet the most vicious thing in this life. It won’t give any mercy for those who don’t pass the test of the time. Yet, we can taste the greatest thing ever in life, when we can really cope well with time.

All people must ever think of going back to the past times and fix some damages and mistakes and make everything better at this moment. And if we can do so, this world would just ever be a perfect and pleasant place to live. And the truth says that we can’t do it. So, that’s why, we can all say that imperfection is beauty. If everything was perfect, no interesting thing would have occurred in this charade – life.

Sometimes, I also wonder whether I could just once go back to my childhood time, where everything seemed to be very nice. When I was little, I dreamt of endless imaginations in my head. The world just seemed not to be enough to bear all those limitless dreams.

When I was little, I wanted to grow up and see world wider and bigger. I’ve grown up now, and am still growing. It is something that likely to happen, that I want to feel my childhood once more. I had many good memories of those old times, where everything has changed now. And as I watch all the changes around me, as well as myself, it’s just simply great and… wow.

But, there were also several things that I do want to change. I sometimes think why I did that, or this, when I was smaller. But, that’s the art. That’s the art of learning. Learning and understanding are the major point to face time.

As we are living, we are not yet dead. And so we have to fight everything ahead like a living human. As we go on, there are many things that happen all around us. It always gives us something new to be learnt about. That essential morale understanding is something that we can take in to fill in the imperfection in life.

Time will never wait for you. One thing that you’d know. We are the time adventurer. We create new adventure with time to find out what’s on the next seconds. We would never know. Just to make sure that you can really fight all through changes, we need to keep on learning new things to perfects anything that can be perfected later, and understand to boost our spirit.

Life and Death, and Your Life

Death is something feared the most in life. Well, it’s actually not something we fear, but we’re just knowing ourselves unready for it to come and touch us. That’s the really point where we can actually understand why death counts.

If we watch the news broadcasting on TV or radio, the news of person or people’s death isn’t an unwonted thing to be heard in our ears. And even more than that, to know the causes of death, 1000-pages novel won’t be enough to list them down. 1001 ways to die. It’s just something so unpredictable and so unexpected, for all human being on earth. That’s the mystery of life. There’s no cure for death.

Anyway, recently, I heard 3 news of transportation accidents all in less than 24-hours gap between the one incident and the other, respectively. On the first day of this 3-in-a-row life-taking incidents, it was about a car crushed by train. One life lost. Early on the next morning, there was a crash between two trains. It took tens lives of people, and left other tens of people to grief. And the finale of the tear shedding tragedy was about the burnt ferry, 3 km away from the shore. 400 lives was on board, but just few lives were saved. Those who lived felt lucky, while on the other hand, they were torn apart as they didn’t know what happen to their husband, children, relatives, and more people to trickle tears and weep.

Then, from these few accidents all around the world, I knew 2 people whom were friends of my friends, whose lives were taken by the death, and 1 was my own friend, whom was sitting on the chair in the same class with mine. But, it wasn’t just that. I have a more tragic story than that.

I have no idea of the friends of my friends, but I do feel sorry for the deceased, for sure. If there was one second difference, even less than one, they might still be chilling around with their friends, rather than lying lifelessly in a mausoleum. But, every second is just a charade of uncertainty.

So, as people who are still living now. If we have seen death in our lives, people who we know, or whoever ones are, we should ever be thankful for the life which is still being bestowed on us. It’s a must to take care well of it. It’s the most precious and priceless thing, ever.

Unexpectedly, there are still many people who can’t value life. They think we have 9 lives like the cats, while actually we don’t. Why would we have to throw up our lives just for useless things? That’s what you should ask to yourself if you still do like to say you want to die now because of the tons of problems that you are facing now. Be brave! If you want to die now, take the knife from your kitchen and cut your veins, and no one will cry for you by having a valuable way to die.

My friend got a neoplasm in his brain. He was still 11, after all. He had few hairs on his head, as he lost them from the chemotherapy or any other medical purposes. However, the bitter fact was unavoidable. Other friends of mine, who were just as cold as the dead, and as heartless as the soulless zombies. They kept stroking, or probably pushing, his head from left to right, back to forth. Can’t they understand? Can’t they feel the pain? Will ever they want to take the role that he played in this life? After few weeks of absence from school, the news of his death was announced in school. I felt sorry for him and I will pray for him. Even though it was 4 years back then.

Now, many of my friends from my past school have started smoking at the age of 13. I don’t care of what they are doing. Maybe one day, they will realise of the biggest mistakes they have done in life. Perhaps, one or two people have used drugs, for some reasons. Their lives suck, and priceless, as they decided to make it so. It’s not just them, as well as people all around the world.

After all, it’s all your choice, in your hand. It’s your choice how to make your life. Life and death have a blur borderline between each other. One step may lead you to the wrong path.



Gregorius Erico

My Sickness of this Country

Why has never this fucking country learnt how to accept diversity amongst the people?

It’s written and recognised that this country gives freedom to the people to have faith in different religions and may work on their rituals in freedom. But, what’s the fucking fact? You are all hypocrites, shit. People are still seeing race differences, as well as religions. Take back all the rubbish that this country is proud of

It’s emphasised that freedom to spit out your thoughts is allowed, but the fact says something different. The country and the governors themselves can’t be seen as good figures. Whereas, even in our own society, in our school, we can accept each other, no matter who we are. Look at us, this country’s small societies and children, who can really show you the meaning of all those great ‘dreams’.

Stop dreaming, pathetic dreamers. How can you really make this country grow, while you, yourself, say that races and religions are things to be troubled.

Are you proud of what Obama said when he came here few months ago? If you do proud of every single good words that he said in his speech. You are all pathetic, dumb ass. You can’t see yourself, indeed.

I was reading the article of the church attacks and FPI who did many attacks to many innocent parties. IS THAT HOW YOU CALL YOURSELF AS A DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY AND A COUNTRY THAT ACCEPTS CULTURAL, RELIGION AND RACE DIFFERENCES? WHAT A SHIT.

Entitlement Day

I have just been woken up for 45 minutes, approximately. The first thought of the day was about the game today. Even when I was taking a bath, my mind started to imagine and wonder of the field. It feels like I really can feel the adrenaline and energy to play today. So, according to the given schedule, we are playing Jakarta International Korean School, today. We have never met them before, but, we have to play whatsoever it takes.

I started slowly this morning. I took a bath and felt the warm water sip into my pores and it gave more consciousness to me. My body felt so light to make more motion.

So, right after I’m done, I open my laptop: twitter, safari. I’m currently checking my facebook, airline manager, JSFL Website, as well as writing this blog.

I can still feel the adrenaline from the top of my head down to my toes. It fills my whole body, giving me no chance to stay cool and remain patient.

Okay, I’m currently waiting for my parents to take a bath, and it seems to take a quite longer time, as my lil’ brother is having a poo-poo in the toilet. Now, I think I’ll just get my stuffs prepared before we leave home. See ya!

Holiday and School

These recent couple days have been such boring, yet interesting times. I had my school break for two weeks, more or less. If you, or even I, myself, think that it’s such a very short holiday for my school, I sometimes muse on what better thing can my school give as present to their lovely students to ease their flummoxed mind with stacks of exhorting project deadlines? This might be good enough for us — who study in my school.

Anyway, after recuperating our distress from the preceding semester, we are to continue our excursion of drawing acknowledgement for the bearing of our lives.

Throughout this holiday lease, I didn’t actually go somewhere else, like going out of the town to have any refreshment for my own sake. I spent most of my holiday at home. On the other hand, my friends did leave home, leave the town, or even this country to visit the amusement parks all over the countries, or to bask under the sun embracement in Bali beach. Hmm.. I can still barely feel the sea breeze when the last time I went to Bali last year. Though, I can still really unwind my hassled muscles and strode 2010, to 2011 altogether with my friends. I’m glad. From all great stories and subtle trip of my friends’, I could seemingly enjoy most of my own. 🙂 Ah, holiday is the best part of the year.

So, as one of my resolutions for New Year, I wish I could retain my score at its high level. Yeah, my score did notably get better last semester. *excited*

Still, I have bunch of other wishes and expectations for this year, and I’ve gotta work harder this year. 🙂



Gregorius Erico


Bali International Writers-Readers Festival

Yesterday, on the first day of the year — 2011, I found the mind-blowing fact of my cousin whom was himself a writer. I had offered the ecstasy I felt, on the previous post The Kindle Start.

I was extraordinarily curious about him. As the result of inquisitiveness, I expected to find pieces of his wielded thoughts unto writing on his Facebook notes. And luckily, with high of expectation presumption, I could find few pages of his writings, and they were simply very nice. I loved them.

Then, late at night. It was probably nearly midnight, I guessed. I didn’t really check the clock at all. I chatted with him to utter my thoughts about writing. Then, he requested me to come with him in early October to attend the International Writers-Readers Festival. And this year should be its 8th annual festival. However, I had found it in another chance while I was skimming my cousin’s great time in Bali at 3rd Quarter of 2010 — early October. International Writers-Readers Festival 2010

That festival will be my next destination of my pilgrimage on the railway of time!



Gregorius Erico

The Kindle Start

First of all, Happy New Year to the world. 🙂

Aside from that, well, it’s still correlated with New Year, set a big plan for yourself and your life this year, and fight for it.

So, just to let you know that I live in a big family. It’s been like a Mafia Family, tee-hee. Why? We are summed up of many people from different generations! We are all scattered all over Indonesia, somewhat. Sumatra, Java, Riau Isle and other places.

Okay, back to the major point. This morning, I was woken up from the dream world of my own. I was awoken after my 7-hours sleep. However, throughout this holiday, I usually have no scarce sleep hours — I have 9-hours of sleep. Yeah, it’s my chance to give my body enough recharge of energy, after being depleted for the 5 months busy schooldays.

After being awaked with a stumbling start, I took a bath, and felt the warm water nudged my morning and streamed down my skin. Then, I left home with my parents and sister. In such rush-hour morning, I didn’t have my breakfast at all and my stomach started to screech. So, thinking about my pity stomach, as well as me, coincidentally, my sister asked for a McD Drive Thru. Well, she couldn’t seem to restrain her hunger, neither. And respecting to the weakening muscles of my body, my eyes couldn’t be taken away from McD Sign in front. But, knowing the fact that it’s taking longer time to wait at the drive thru shelter, my mother just got off the car and bought one fish burger to be carved up into to for me and my sister. Well, it hadn’t been a long journey from home at all! We stopped by at a place which was 10 minutes away from home. Okay, so it wanted to tell that I couldn’t survive to live the day with the absence of morning clincher — breakfast. Thereafter, my dad continued the drive to his brother’s house. Meanwhile, my sister and I lunged the halved burger. The fact is food tastes better when your stomach has made such noise inside.

After a 20-minutes drive there, we finally arrived and met people there. Substantially, all of them were my family, after all. The main thing to be done at that level of atmosphere was to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to whom we hadn’t conveyed that message to.

Once I entered the house, it hadn’t been distinctly crowded at first. The house looked new after the renovation couple weeks ago. A table full of food was obviously nicely organised and it hooked my appetite for the second time that day. Then, in counts of minutes, another wave of people appeared at the door and slid in. As we were relatives to each other, should have we stood up, shook hands and conveyed good message to them.

However, as more people walked into that 120 square-meter house, the temperature started to climb and sweat began to run down my temple and my back turned wet. Despite it didn’t give me any comfy, I tried to adapt with the atmosphere.

Then, the biggest and snatching thing of the year start happened in an abrupt way. One of my cousin came to me and said, “Ric, gimana tuh tulis-menulismu?” His name was Dandy, I customarily called him with ‘Ko’ beginning — Ko Dandy. He was definitely older than me. “Ko El tuh mau launching buku Januari ini”, he continued. All of sudden, I was stunned to the maximum stage. Gosh! I love writing!

I was thinking it was a very very great start of this new year. On New Year eve, I was ask by my friend, “what’s your one biggest wish for this year?” I replied, “I want to publish at least one book.” I wasn’t certain with what I said at that late night. It felt like something forced me to type that sentence, whereas I felt something else in my mind. Anyway, I guessed what I had said before was something absolutely right.

Then, I planned to talk to him and started our conversation with slow and easy warming up. Well, apparently, our conversation did go somewhere else, far away apart from the main thing that I intended to share. Well, I was wondering to myself how could it seemingly went separated. I had myself brought into confusion of mind. I had nothing to do to bring the conversation back to the main road.

In the end of that precious moment, I let it go. I felt so ashamed and stupefied.

But then, this late night, I checked my online friends on my Facebook account and found him online. I managed not to make this opportunity as a vain for the second time. I had a warm chat with him, thoughtfully. Though, the time didn’t seem to be the right stance as  the hand hour pointed to 12:00 AM. That was his bedtime.

Anyway, for having yourself a certain high dream and goal to be achieved, hindrance doesn’t seem to stray you away from your path at all. This is just the start. I have my dream awaits for me to moor my ship and drop my anchor at the shore. So, I wish he could be the answer of all of my petrification all along this way and I hope I could find my way back home — a place where I can undeniably grow to write something aesthetic and show the world of what big things I can tell.

Oh, well, his name is Helmy Parlente Kusuma. I want to be a writer apprentice to him.

Okay, the dawn has come, here, at my place. So, better to have a sleep soon. Bye!


Gregorius Erico