Has the freedom be the one responsible for human’s intolerance and ignorance?

It has become a very obvious thing to see people with insensitivity to what is going on around them. They can see the world just as far as their eyes can see, how low, of a voice, they can distinguish, or whatever thing that nudges them on the skin. They don’t have the guts and zest to work out something larger. The boundary of what they call it ‘world’ is just simply too small. It turns humans into a non-living walking creature. Why should we wait for something to happen to us? Have we forgotten the old spirit we, as humans, once had, where all that we expected to do was to find something new to make life a better experience to have?

People are focusing too much on themselves. When we are traversing a lengthy road, it is a rather wise decision to devise a rest. You can pull over, find a place to sit down, and take a look around. Dedicate your attention to whatsoever is going on at the moment. Oh, you will find interesting and exciting stuffs. Something that always happens and runs in the background without us noticing. The moment we think we have seen and learn so much, we actually miss one thing too many.

By knowing what we have actually overlooked, we will realise how we have failed to be caring to one another. We are a bunch of malfunctioning creature. All these naiveness irks my common sense. Hey, my dear fellow human. This should come into our realisation, while it can still be saved.