High School

Yes, I’m wearing a new uniform!

This is probably one of the reasons of being happy of going to the different level of education. I’m officially a new high-schooler.

Today is Thursday. I have just returned from school after attending the second day of school orientation for new students. Well, this is actually a common thing for non-international curriculum schools in Indonesia, however, my school is not adapting what other schools do in orientating their new students, which usually play trick upon them, asking them to do silly things, and so on. And I think, that’s definitely a waste of time and energy. It’s absolutely pointless. What’s worth laughing at the juniors, regardless of their need to adapt the new environment and good first impression of the school? Come on. Okay, that’s just a short personal critique.

So, in my school, they are organising a structural schedule for us to follow through the 3-day school orientation programme. It’s totally used to make the new students know about their new school, their new life, and the challenge they will face in high school. It’s also an important thing we should know about high school; you really need to have a clear view of how you want your life become, starting at the early start of the 3-years high school. Which university you want, and what carrier that you would like to fathom.

Yesterday, we came to our own class, doing some self-introduction to the new classmates. It’s good to know many new students, who are going to be our friends for the rest of the first year. I’m in X-4. We were also told about how challenging high school would be. They did a presentation about the scoring methods, curriculum, etc. Probably, it was an ordinary events. Just as formality, perhaps. But, the peak wasn’t on the first day, but today.

Early in the morning, we were given an English diagnostic test to determine our English skill – on which level we are going to stay in the English class. I guess I didn’t really do it well, but I still expect for the best mark. I found nothing extraordinary here, as I ever got this in middle school. As I couldn’t remember the entire schedule for the day, I asked my friend of what we were going to do, thereafter. Then, the motivational session, by an outsider was waiting ahead. I was curious about who would be standing in front of us, speaking to the rest of the cohort. Once we had gathered in the great hall, that young guy appeared from the front door. I was wondering who he was. Well, let me just say his name. Victor Setiawan Taslim. Who knows him? I didn’t. LOL.

At the start, I thought he was cool, that he once studied in our school, during his primary school years.

He began to spoke to us, with a kinda shocking shout, I thought. After this, I will share to you my personal thought about his sharing.

It has always been something I enjoy, listening to a motivational speaker, as I once ever wanted to be one of them. So, before the session started, I moved from the back row, far behind, to the first row. I listened to everything he said, this morning. I was a little bit surprised that he is the youngest Indonesian motivational speaker. He published a book, too. And his experience in life that he shared to us was awesome. He had become a good example and figure for us who haven’t been injected by confidence and courage to step forward in our life. He spoke profoundly excellent upon the stage. He once again inspired me to keep continuing with what I have been doing, right now. Writing, fathoming science, motivating others, etc.

During the session, I could feel the comfort, seeing him and listening to him, with the tons of nice stories he shared us. He told us the story of how he failed his first scholarship test to Singapore, after struggling and sacrificing his weekends just to prepare himself for the scholarship test. But, as we keep looking down through our sadness, and have no strength to get up off our knees, we will keep missing the opportunities that fly all around us. Opportunity has never come twice, so we have no time to mourn upon our past life. Once we fall, just quickly stand back up, and catch more opportunities that we can barely find, if we know how to be alert of their coming. When your state of mind say you’re not ready, no chance you will attain.

There are still a lot more he gave us from the one-and-a-half-hour session. Though, it has become the fuel for us, who are travelling the journey of a lifetime. Maybe some of us were running out of fuel to go for another mile, and this will be an opportunity to fill ourselves with this free-fuel or let it go. For me, this is filling my tank, almost to the full-limit. When we have become too weak to continue the road of life, step aside for a while, do some reflection, gather some strength, and move on.

There are still more things I learnt from this session. He is really a good guy. He gave us the problems of most teenagers are facing in real life. The way he say those cool things, brought us to the insight to our own life experience. It sent us into our own selves, from our own perspective.

I want to thank Victor, for his good, good motivation, and for his signature on the book. The rest of the two hundreds student you lay your trust and hope upon, will someday come true. Just believe it, dude.

Okay, so, from here on after, our life will definitely be different – in high school. We are wading through adolescence. Let’s create a generous personality within us. May we grow becoming a successful person, with such certain goals and make our dreams come true – not just a futile day-dream. God Bless.


Gregorius Erico



Hello, bloggers, readers, writers, everyone. 🙂

Lately, I’ve been spending more of my time thinking about everything alone. I haven’t been sharing many of my thoughts to my friends about school lessons, plans for anything, or any other casualties that I usually have during schooldays. However, the sad part is that my holiday is about to end soon, it will be next week. But, throughout the holiday, I received a lot of new experience in the new community in my church. I acquainted with many new friends there. I felt really happy about it, that everything went great.

In this post, I just want to vent some of my recent thoughts. From the past event, the church event, I returned home, bringing a new seed of a new memory. A new love story is waiting ahead. It put me into few roller-coasters, as I really had to make such a certainly tough decision. I don’t really want to talk about it, cos it does leave pain inside here.

Since then, about 5 days ago, I started the quite different life phase. I probably fell in love, but I’m not sure, whether this is real or just another crush. It’s not important who the girl is, or what happened, how it goes, but the point is that I have been venting whatever I have been thinking about to some friends, and I get really confuse with this havoc. Up to this moment, I know that some of my friends also have crush on her. I don’t know what to do. Either giving up my attempt to win her heart, and let the other guy has the chance to make her happy, or stay on the track where I have been running on. I still need time to make another decision.

Having myself in this kind of situation, it invites some friendship problem around, too. I don’t know whether this is big or not, but it came in an abrupt way, the way that I didn’t really expect it would happen. Small things could actually harm something that seems to be safe and sound.

One of my friend came to me and spit one’s thought about how I have seemingly changed. One said that I became too ignorant to my other friends, that I just wanted to speak with some people who have the possibility of building my relationship better with the girl I adore. But, honestly, I want to say that this isn’t true. I have no intention to hurt, to forget, or to give disadvantage upon anybody around me. Well, maybe sometimes in life, I do make some mistakes, but I will try to change myself, and be a better guy.

So, finally, and the thing that makes me happy, we could end our dispute.

From this occasion, something suddenly popped in my mind. I realise that how good I have always been trying to be, mistakes is something inevitable in this life. We always need milestones all along the way. How wise we are, how good we are. We still need someone to remind us of where we are going to. And I want to thank my friend who have been reminding me. Though it feels kinda painful, when someone just comes up to us, telling the bad thing about us, that we don’t want to agree with what they say about us, at the beginning. But, if we take a look deeper, as we understand it from a different paradigm, we are more grateful than we could ever be, that someone still care about us.

One thing that we can’t live without is friend. The lesson that I learn from this incident is, that people have different point of view. They see things differently, and is different from us. We are not finding friends for that they have the same path of thinking as we have, but the different ones, that we can enrich ourselves with much more experience and understanding about how colourful life is. Friends can be sensitive, but that’s the interesting and good part.

It’s good to have friends that can remind us of not stepping outside the road. But, it doesn’t mean that we should always depend on them, wait until they give us the signal to stop. As we grow older, as we grow wiser, we start to know which is good and bad. All decision come from one place, yourself.

Imagine that life is a long road that we are travelling. We are making our own orientation by making new friends. They are the checkpoints where we can give ourselves direction of where to go. If we have no orientation, when we haven’t grown wise enough — that we would never be, we don’t know how to act, and especially how to live. Though we can find all great friends that we have until this very moment, don’t forget to always depend on yourself too all along the road. When you’ve travelled quite far away from home, it’s a nice idea to rest for a while, take sit and deep breath, and close your eyes. Try to look back at all of the things that we’ve done so far, from the last checkpoints. Have we grown better, or worse? What good deeds have we given to people all around us? People are offering you choices of road to be taken, but you have the power to decide. When you’ve taken a choice, try to recall what you’ve been through. Always do that, so that we are not stepping too far away from the main purpose of our own life. Maybe our friends sometimes blame us for being rude or bad. Don’t feel bad about yourself. You should realise that there’s still someone who cares about you. Make it as the strength and reason to change into a better person.

Friends can’t always be perfect, but we must be glad to have them. They are the companions, as well as the milestones and checkpoints for us. They lead us until who we are today. Be happy about them, and don’t forget to always be yourself.

So, this is mainly for my great friends, who have been all by my side up to these days. You’ve been carving this person. Thank your for always accepting me the way I am. I want to apologise if I’ve ever done wrong things to you, guys. God Bless You always.


Gregorius Erico


[I Think It’s] The New Face of Indonesian Fashion

There are several knowledge and skills that I have ever fathomed, but fashion is just the new beginning.

Isn’t it weird to be a part of a competition with the theme that I have never actually known good before? Yes, I find it an interesting art to be learnt. Why? It wouldn’t be contrasted with my life too far away, because actually it is part of our daily life, that sometimes we put no particular attention to it.

Fashion has a very colossal ranging, which has no particular limit for it to grow. Yes. And I say that fashion itself is art, that will never die. If we want to talk about fashion, it has major aspects to be considered.

“Let yourself get into it. That’s how you understand fashion”.

So, when I heard about LevelOne on the radio, my interest was hooked to stroll this brand new field of writing. Even though I didn’t actually know as many things as those shopaholic, I do want to know about it. Before, I just knew elite brands like Guess, Gucci, Raoul, Louis Vuitton, etc. I just knew it because they are famous. However, as I decided to know what is LevelOne, moreover, fashion, I went to the LevelOne corner in Grand Indonesia. The first plan was to go there alone! Then, I rethought about it and I found myself had lost its sanity. So, I contacted some of my girl friends, whom might have good passion in fashion.

At the time I invited my friends to accompany me, I was surprised that actually some of them had known LevelOne and the brands there. Even more than that, I just knew that the brands were owned by Indonesian people! It wasn’t just the advantage to know more about fashion, yet it opened my eyes of Indonesian fashion growth. They were excellent! When I came there, I went to several stores, and scrutinised the sold items. I saw many interesting clothes, especially the men’s clothing in 16DS.


Level One had such an amiable atmosphere, with the indulging café in the middle of the alley, as well as the bar at the back part of it. It comforts people and I’m sure it triggers people to stay longer. I can’t deny that it’s a very nice place to mess around. The architectural atmosphere brings you to theother place out of Indonesia like fashion alleys abroad. It’s a very interesting idea, because appearance and ambiance of a place plays important part in hooking more visitors.


Despite its indulging situation, the sold items have a very competitive quality, compared to the international fashion brands. Seeing the market opportunity, Level One can get more lovers from teenagers, 17 to 20s. The shops in Level One offers you very good design and it goes along with the flow of teenager fashion trend. It gives you various design of casual clothing, dress, shoes, etc. When we went there, my friend bought few pieces. And one more thing, if you buy items here, you are supporting the campaign of buying products from your own country! Love the local products. 🙂 More than just clothing, fashion is not just the clothes, but the accessories count! I like Lomography and the other stuffs, like the ornaments.

Talking about fashion, price tags will never be forgotten to be seen. So, regarding to the price, it’s very affordable. I would say that, respecting to its location in Grand Indonesia. The price suits Grand Indonesia visitors’ financial. But, more importantly, price won’t matter if the quality gives us the reassurance of satisfaction — by buying the products.


Rock & Rose

If we want to see the business prospect of LevelOne, I had considered it during my visit there. I didn’t just stroll around the corner, but I went upstairs and downstairs. For now, there wouldn’t be too many guests there, as the area around it hasn’t been fully developed, just Gramedia on the second storey. So, when the surrounding has been fully developed, I believe there will be more people interested taking the escalator up or down from upper ground floor or second floor to reach Level One and spend their time there.

It’s not just that. Where could you find a fashion alley with various brands from Indonesian owners? What matters even more, and the aspect that gives advantage to Level One is the idea to make that kind of corner in a mall, filled with fashion sites, as well as place to relax ourselves, café and bar. It’s interesting to try, rather than spending millions to buy the expensive brands. So, Level One is at a very promising place amongst Indonesian fashion world. It has good potential to be bigger. This is also a place, where you can actually fulfil your needs. It’s a new face of Indonesian fashion.

Now, as I recall the moment I spent there, it gains my willingness to know more about fashion. So, thank you for this competition, and hope for a massive success for Level One. 🙂

Special thanks to Natasha, Nathania and Tirza for accompanying me scrutinising this epic place! 🙂

Gratitude to My Friends

Finally, we are at the end. But it’s not the end of everything! Especially, this is not the end of our friendship. 🙂

All thing that I want to say is thank you to every single of you! I have never thought that my life would be like this on the first day I came to this school. After these three years, I’ve understood the true meaning of friendship, and it’s all because of you, my friend. 🙂

Goodbye isn’t the end, it’s the start to recall the rest of the memories we’ve created, beautifully.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mi9Hxtw9Kaw please watch this video (Indonesian Song)

Level1Project Surveillance

Surveillance? Really? Just kidding. 🙂

It’s not about observing a crime scene place, where I become a spy to keep an eye on a suspect, or something, but doing a survey of Level One fashion corner.

Back in few days before, I heard the news about a writing competition to give our opinion about a brand new fashion corner in Grand Indonesia, Level One. The event is named Level1Project. We are to make a concrete survey and observation about the place.

My fervour to write was aroused by this project. Actually, I’ve never fathom anything about fashion and its potential growth, but I think it’s a favourable thing to try probing a brand new field.

So, today, I went straight away to Grand Indonesia after having another thing to do, class photo shoots in PIM — Pondok Indah Mall, with my friends who probably have better know-how about fashion. I’d like to say thank you to Tirza (Ica), Nia and Aca (Natasha) for chaperoning me walking around and surveying Level One fashion district — and thank you for taking me back and forth, from East to West Mall, and the other way around. It loosened the my  knee hinges.

After all, I have done the first step to play in the competition by pouring and combining many resources altogether. Wish me luck! 🙂 Level1Project, here I come. 😀


Gregorius Erico

No, It’s the Start. Believe it?

Today: Thursday, 14th April 2011.

Okay, sometimes it’s better to hear or read a minuscule introduction prior, rather than jumping directly into the core of something that we want to talk about — as this isn’t an official discussion or anything.

Back in few weeks, I decided to join the English First — an English learning institution — it’s probably known quite wide all over the world, writing competition. Long story short, I could apparently make it to the top 16 writers, chosen by the 2 judges. The point was, I eliminated other hundreds pieces of other people’s writings all over Indonesia. However, there was one thing that I abhorred a little bit, the fact that people may write it in either English or Indonesian.

Okay, I have no forethought of saying that I was right to write my essay in English and determine it as a better way to write rather than in Indonesian, but I don’t think that it was an efficient way to hold a writing competition. How would you judge the quality of the writings? On what basis would you determine which writing is better? If various ideas are written in different language.

Language is art. You don’t need to compare one language to another to find it as art, whereas by perusing a little bit deeper into the use of a particular language, you can find art within. So, if they are giving score to different written thoughts in completely differed language, would it reach an egalitarian standard of scoring?

Anyway, today is the final day of the voting. It seems like the other guy who wrote his writing in Indonesian has the lead, and is going to definitely win the long 10 days competition. Finally, I can go to sleep tightly tonight, with no worries of tomorrow. I have no feeling of drawback as this isn’t everything. By seeing how the system went, I could see many hiccups and deterrents all along the way. This isn’t the matter of how good you are, but how lucky you are, with bunch of friends you have in your diapers.

Okay, after all, I want to see this as a good pace for me, that this can be a sterling asset for me in the future. I’m not aiming for the prize, but by having many people reading my blog and the posts within, they can really know how I write. They may tell to other people about me, anyway, that’s what I’m thinking. I don’t know whether I say it just to reassure myself to get through the free-fall or this is really a good chance for me for the future.

But, there’s one thing that no one can change, I believe that this is just the first span of my long journey to be a good writer, selling books and sharing my story to the world, in some ways.

The headline of winning this warming-up competition isn’t at the first priority for me to concern, now. I’m concentrating to other three agendas that await for me, hereafter.

Okay, wish me luck to move on 🙂

Thank you for the superb support from all of my friends and family. I really appreciate your kindness and sincerity. 🙂

Deepest regards,

Gregorius Erico