Patriot of bravery

Reminiscence of past victory

Indelible hunger for future glory

Nagging the spirit to burn

Ceasing fear to hell

Embodying himself with pride



Has the freedom be the one responsible for human’s intolerance and ignorance?

It has become a very obvious thing to see people with insensitivity to what is going on around them. They can see the world just as far as their eyes can see, how low, of a voice, they can distinguish, or whatever thing that nudges them on the skin. They don’t have the guts and zest to work out something larger. The boundary of what they call it ‘world’ is just simply too small. It turns humans into a non-living walking creature. Why should we wait for something to happen to us? Have we forgotten the old spirit we, as humans, once had, where all that we expected to do was to find something new to make life a better experience to have?

People are focusing too much on themselves. When we are traversing a lengthy road, it is a rather wise decision to devise a rest. You can pull over, find a place to sit down, and take a look around. Dedicate your attention to whatsoever is going on at the moment. Oh, you will find interesting and exciting stuffs. Something that always happens and runs in the background without us noticing. The moment we think we have seen and learn so much, we actually miss one thing too many.

By knowing what we have actually overlooked, we will realise how we have failed to be caring to one another. We are a bunch of malfunctioning creature. All these naiveness irks my common sense. Hey, my dear fellow human. This should come into our realisation, while it can still be saved.


The first word that jumps out of my mouth is: “wow”. That simple.

In this post, just as written as its title, I will share my time doing a nostalgia. I believe that we must have ever done this in our life. There’s one reason why we all do this, it’s simply because we miss those old times. Then, is that all that we can do? How should we treat a nostalgia? Is it a bad or good thing? My opinion won’t be too complicated. My answer is it depends on how we value that nostalgia, and how we compare and relate those old times with who we are now, with whatever good and bad sides we have. I’ll share more things here.

Today, there was actually no unusual thing happened, that I had the feeling of nostalgia. It went out when I was on my way home from school. I took the school bus, just like the other days, but today, I didn’t sit with my friend, but with the 7th grader students. Respecting to the difference of age the difference of things that interest us, I didn’t speak a word or two to them, while they were laughing all the way from school to the drop-off point, which was about 35 minutes. Hmm. They could laugh for 35 minutes non-stop? Anyway. In that absence of thought, my mind is particularly an adventurer. It loves exploring new things by its own, when what’s in front of these eyes isn’t that attractive. The main thing that my mind dropped by in the field of memory was an old film. The film that I loved to watch when I was just 7 or 8. An Indonesian film. Petualangan Sherina. This was a famous one, back in its era.

When I got off the bus, in my car, the scheme of downloading the songs in the film came up to the surface. And I did so this evening. I downloaded 5 songs to be played on my iTunes. I tuned those songs, one by one, as I let myself fly through the stream of memory, leading my to the buried time capsule of my old time, when I was frank kid. It allows me to see how my life has changed a lot. A totally different me.

I could remember, back then, when I used to go out of my house, calling my neighbours and played together in the area. We played the bicycle, hide-and-seek, running competition, football on the street, and more nice things we did. Jumping over the wall, from my house to next door wasn’t something odd. Yeah, I suddenly miss those old stories. Every weekend, I woke up early in the morning, at 7:30 AM, just to wait for my other friends to wake up and we would play together outside. Those times, I could see the true friendship, when everything was real, no flaws. I remembered when the sun shone brightly, giving a vibrant atmosphere all around me. The leaves on trees danced cheerfully all along with my footsteps.

Thereafter, I pulled myself back to the reality. Now, I have to see myself as who I am. I have changed. It’s not just me, yet the world around me. I start to realise that we can’t prevent the change within us. That’s how it naturally goes. But, have we changed becoming good or bad, instead? Nostalgia is the peg that we need to use it as the checkpoint.

Have we become a good person, with good personality? Has our life been good? I probably ever dreamt of the life I wanted as I grew older. Has that dream come true, or am I deflecting too far away? Those questions are some references that we have to ask ourselves.

Don’t make the time of nostalgia become something that you hate, just simply because you regret a lot of thing you’ve done all the way through. Make it as something that make yourselves proud of. You’ve seen the change in you – the good change. It must be something very beautiful. So, if your life hasn’t been as that good, at least, not as what you used to dream of, it’s still not to late to make a change. As long as you’ve still got time, it has never been too short to be what you wanted to be.

We have our own stories in our life. We may sometimes turn back the pages, and read the past stories of our life. It seemed to be beautiful, everything was simple. We had so much fun amid our friends, our family, and other people. We read it slowly, and when it’s approaching to the recent stories, we start to feel the fear. It happens when we see mistakes that we do as we grow older. But, what’s the matter, my friend? What can we change about the past? Let’s just move on. If you want to have a nostalgia with the big great smile on your face, it’s the time for you to write the good stories from now and on, so when we arrive at some point, some other time later, we can see the good change about ourselves. We have the heart of a fighter, that won’t be beaten by the fierceness of time.

Setiap manusia di dunia pasti punya kesalahan. Tapi hanya yang pemberani yang mau mengakui. Setiap manusia, di dunia pasti pernah sakit hati. Hanya yang berjiwa ksatria yang mau memaafkan.

Every human in this world must have done some mistakes. But, only ones who are brave want to admit it. Every human in this world must have ever been heart-broken. But, only ones who have the heart of a fighter can forgive the other.

Pergilah sedih, pergilah resah, jauhkanlah aku dari salah prasangka. Pergilah gundah, jauhkan resah, lihat segalanya lebih dekat, dan ku bisa menilai lebih bijaksana. Mengapa bintang bersinar? Mengapa air mengalir? Mengapa dunia berputar? Lihat segalanya lebih dekat, dan ku akan mengerti.


Gregorius Erico

The Best Day of My Life – Jesse McCartney

Woke up around a half past ten
Can’t believe that I’m late again
Put down about a quart of caffeine
To start my pulse and then I grabbed my jeans off the floor and I hit the door,
Just the same old same

It goes to show
You never know
When everything’s about to change

Just another day
Started out like any other
Just another girl who took my breath away
Then she turned around
She took me down
Just another day that I ….
Had the best day of my life

Can’t say exactly what it was
She’s not the usual type
She wore a cowboy hat
With her red Prada boots
And a Gwen Stefani smile
Then she pulled out a pen and surprised me when
She wrote her number on my hand
Then she was gone,
But from now on
I’m gonna be a different man

Just another day
Started out like any other
Just another girl who took my breath away
Then she turned around
She took me down
Just another day that I …
Had the best day of my life

I guess it goes to show
You never really know
When everything’s about to change

Just another day
Started out like any other
Just another girl who took my breath away
Then she turned around
She took me down
Just another day that I …
Had the best day of my life…

If I Change…

I’m still feeling high. Not that I’ve had pints, but with the motivation that I acquired in a session, in school. It was fun.

Since yesterday, I let my mind wondering about so many things that I might have thought about, but now, with extra notion to consider. I’ve been thinking about how would things be different, after this. I have been asking myself about what my purpose actually is. The excitement of projecting the big plan in my head is just lucidly awesome, that myself still find it great. It delivers more and more energy to fight more. Notwithstanding, on the other hand, I have some kind of formidable feeling, that I believe is caused by the vacillate part of me. I’m sure that this thing exists in every single of us.

This is the start of a new academic year. When we know we want to be a successful person, we are to find the purpose of our existence here, and our own big goal ahead. I do have mine. But, before I dare to do it, hesitation comes around and embrace me. Let me tell you the ideas I have in my mind.

I want to be the class leader. I want to get good marks in science, I want to enter science stream. I want to join the ICYS, ISPO, etc. I want to write a book. I want more and more thing as I keep digging deeper.

This morning, it was the class organiser selection. We did a voting, and I definitely voted for myself. It was obvious, I wanted to be the class leader, though I didn’t win. Then, there was still a chance, as the class leader was granted the right to choose his vice. I told him that I would be happy if he chose me, and at the end of the day, he did. I felt relieved, yet worried. I was afraid people would think that I’m too fanatic, as I immediately do those things right after Victor spoke in front of us. I’m worried for they will think that I’m becoming who I am not. But, is it bad to change becoming a better person?

So, I start to reassure myself, by telling this very mind, it isn’t my fault to do everything. To imagine and set my own goals. Whenever we have the chance, we ought to take it, if we want to. When should I change, if I don’t do it as soon as possible? Later? Tomorrow? Next year? No. I have a solid answer, and it’s now. Why do we have to wait until tomorrow, for that later would have been too late for us. Then, I start to make my own understanding about this matter. I have the courage to lead, and join any organisation after I became a part of an organising team in my church. I learnt so many things. Just to tell everyone, I don’t feel satisfied with my leadership time there, as I hadn’t given my all, at the moment. The feeling of disappointment really came around. But, I can’t change the thing that has been done. And the only way to show myself the true ability of leadership that I have within me, is taking another attempt to lead!

Maybe some of us are struggling through the same problem. You know which one is right and wrong. You have the wisdom to decide one. When the road has been too rough to pass, then, you should inspect yourself, and change the way you think, just like changing the wheel for different road surface, and you can move on better. Simple, isn’t it? You ain’t feel scared. The one who decides your own future is yourself, nobody else could.

It’s a good thing to change, if we know when we should. It’s good to change, when we know which one is better. But, there’s one thing that you should have never thrown away, the principle that you must hold on to. The good attitude. It is not a mistake to change our habit, but we still need to maintain our generosity to the people around us, so they will accept our change with an open heart. Why people sometimes hate us when we are attempting to change? Because the most likely thing to happen is we become arrogant, and too independent. To be accepted by the society, we need the ability to communicate well with the people within. By doing so, they will understand you better, your reason to change. Openness of ourself is necessary.

Let’s embrace the future with open eyes and heart. Let’s take a look at the world from the different paradigm. Let’s move on together with people that are standing, and cruising this journey together with us. God Bless Us.


Gregorius Erico

The Deeper You Go, The Clearer You See

Hello, everyone! Especially, Aros! Welcome to my blog 😀 Okay, kali ini, saya akan menulis dalam bahasa ibu saya, Indonesia 🙂 Pertama-tama, saya ingin sekali lagi mengucapkan terima kasih pada kalian semua, Aros, yang sudah mengikuti Weekend Roses 9 kemarin.

Dalam blog kali ini, saya ingin sedikit menceritakan pengalaman saya selama berada di Roses. Mungkin keberadaan saya di sini tidak selama anggota team yang lain, tetapi ada berbagai macam hal baru yang saya dapatkan dalam jangka waktu 7 bulan bergabung bersama team roses ini.

Di awal pembentukan team roses ini, saya dipanggil untuk mengikuti Follow-Up. Dari sana, saya diminta untuk menjadi team, dan tanpa memiliki pengalaman apapun yang berarti, saya langsung diminta menjadi pemimpin dari team ini, atau yang biasa kita sebut PALU (Pak Lurah). Pada mulanya, saya tidak yakin sama sekali akan langkah ini, tetapi bagaimana lagi, akhirnya saya menerima penyerahan itu.

Selama beberapa waktu menjalani akhir minggu saya datang ke gereja menjadi orang yang bertanggung jawab besar dalam mempersiapkan keberhasilan acara kita kemarin, saya kurang mampu mengeluarkan diri saya sepenuhnya, sehingga sepertinya kinerja saya tidak terlalu baik. Saya merasa saya tidak akan menjadi palu yang sebelum-sebelumnya yang melakukan tugas mereka dengan baik.  Kepercayaan diri belum sepenuhnya mengambil alih setting otak ini…

Setelah menjalaninya lebih jauh lagi, akhirnya, rasa keyakinan bahwa semua akan berjalan lebih baik pun muncul. Saya mendapat teman-teman baru selama menjadi team roses ini. Pelan-pelan, saya belajar hal-hal baru yang mendorong saya untuk berubah dan menjadi lebih optimis. Saya berusaha untuk berani membawa diri saya ke permukaan dan mengeluarkan apa yang ada dalam diri saya, yang saya tahu bahwa ada sesuatu yang terpendam di dalam sana. Memang membutuhkan waktu dan keberanian untuk itu, dan lambat laun, semuanya itu terbentuk, dan apa yang ada di dalam sana, memang benar-benar ada, dan saya berhasil mengeluarkannya secara maksimal menjelang akhir persiapan kami.

Saat hari weekend tiba, saya merasa gugup. Pikiran saya mulai berlarian, mulai memikirkan segala hal yang akan terjadi, entah yang baik, maupun yang tidak-tidak. Namun, selama itu masih logis, saya tetap memikirkannya, apapun itu.

Untuk kalian ketahui, di awal, saya tidak segawat dan se-gila yang bisa kalian lihat saat saya berada bersama-sama dengan kalian semua di D’Agape. Saya pemalu, dan tidak percaya diri. Keberanian untuk memimpin itu tidak terlihat sama sekali, karena saya merasa canggung berada di lingkungan baru ini. Tetapi, ternyata teman-teman saya jauh lebih hebat daripada apa yang saya duga. Mereka dapat merubah seseorang secara total, bukan setengah-setengah.

Dulu, saya hanya melihat semua perihal baru dari luarnya saja. Saya enggan membiarkan diri saya masuk lebih dalam untuk mengetahui apa sebenarnya yang ada di sana, dan apa makna dari semua hal tersebut. Dan pengalaman berada di team roses ini memberikan saya pengertian, bahwa segala sesuatu dapat menjadi lebih besar dan indah, saat kita membiarkan diri kita meresapinya secara mantap, karena pada dasarnya diri kita tahu bagaimana harus menyesuaikan diri, hanya saja pikiran kita yang menutup gerakan dari diri kita sendiri, hati nurani.

Saya berterima kasih atas segala dukungan yang diberikan oleh Papi-Mami serta seluruh anggota team yang bekerja keras bersama selama 7 bulan ini. Saya belajar bagaimana mengenal pribadi lain dengan lebih baik, bagaimana harus bersikap dengan orang lain, dan bagaimana saya harus bisa melihat diri saya sendiri dari balik kacamata orang lain. Di dalam kebersamaan roses ini, saya pun mendapat pengertian bagaimana untuk menjadi terbuka dengan diri sendiri dan orang lain. Dari sanalah semua keberhasilan muncul.

Selama weekend kemarin, saya merasa lega atas perubahan yang telah terjadi dalam diri saya. Kini saya berani melangkah menuju masa depan dan menghadapi segala kesulitan dengan lebih berani dan cerdas, serta dapat berbaur dengan orang yang lebih banyak lagi. Semua yang telah terjadi di dalam weekend adalah luar biasa adanya. Secara pribadi, saya masih sulit mengetahuinya, bahwa semua yang terjadi, benar-benar terjadi.

Saya ingin berterima kasih atas partisipasi kalian semua dalam weekend tersebut. Saya mendapat banyak teman baru dan pengalaman berharga dari sana. Terlebih dari itu, semoga bagi para peserta yang sudah menjadi Aros segala kegiatan yang kita lakukan dan bagi bersama dapat sungguh-sungguh bermanfaat dalam kehidupan sehari-hari kalian! Tuhan memberkati selalu. 🙂

“Selalu ada hal baru yang dapat kita pelajari dari hal-hal yang kita lakukan. Satu-satunya cara menemukan sisi baik itu adalah dengan memberikan ruang bagi diri kita untuk bergerak, menyatu dengan lingkungan yang baru, dan membuka diri untuk segala hal baik yang dapat didapatkan.”


Love for AROS!

The Storyline

The long yet short three years that we have finally gone through. These three years have been filled with smiles and frowns, sunny days and dreary cold rainy days, admittance and denials. Everything is colouring all the way that we probe.

We are now facing the final examinations to determine whether we are decent, after spending most of our days in school since 2007 to make our way through to senior years. This signs our last moments in junior high years. Let’s fight until the last drop of our sweat, last remaining strength to finish this storyline. All the hard-work and sweats paid off. At this point, it’s still barely clear in my head, the first days I was in amid of the brand new environment and society for me, in this school.

I have learnt so many good things that I will always remember to be applied as the guide for my life. One thing that I want myself to know, and everybody, as well, I do not regret any single thing to moving to this school. I feel a whole excitement and gratefulness to be here. I can be in the middle of fantastic people that make my days. From this moment on, I’m sure that I won’t forget y’all.

Whenever we are at the brink of the very last moment of any great journey, the picture, memory, and the prologue of the story are rushing into our head. They are undeniable, and can’t be prevented. That’s how the natural flow goes.

Back to the very first day of my schooldays in Santa Laurensia Junior High School. I was in 7a. The class with many new things to be learnt as a very good start of my life. I felt like being reborn, as I saw my life before was extremely different and it led me nowhere. From the moment I was in grade 7, I felt like this was the moment for me to change my whole life, and that’s why I’m happy to be here. Back then, it was the strangest and most awkward situation I have ever felt. That time, I was a total stranger with no one I knew. I just simply needed to push myself to get to know each other, better, at least. Yeah…

I remembered the first friends I had, Kevin, Ricky, Mike, Pepe, Chandra, DhiDhi, and the stories went on. At the first trial of being a stranger, being distinguished but not in the good way, I slightly lost my confidence and comfort a bit. However, I tried to get along with it, and I could finally quit the nightmares, my first and worst nightmare, ever. Well, I don’t want to blame you because of what you did that time, but it also taught me how to cope with new people and made me see myself better from a different way. The best way to learn is from experience, and the one that can make us learn even faster is friend, and so I want to determine all of you as my true friends. 🙂

Then, we briskly walked up to grade 8. I got other new friends. In my second year, it seemed that I could go along with the flow better than I used to in grade 7. Well, I had the capability to do it because of the past experience that I had. I knew more and more people that year — the most, I guess.

Finally, I arrived at grade 9, where the conclusion of this story will be made. We are at the last chapters of this story, but it doesn’t mean that our biggest story ends here. You should know that this is just the second edition out of tens edition, perhaps. By closing this sequel with the conclusion, it gives you a very wide chance to continue writing the next sequel. And you all have to do it. So, as we are approaching the very end, let’s do our best to make such a beautiful ending of this short journey. 🙂

I love you all.

Thank your for becoming such awesome friends to me. You all have taught me many lessons of life. The true meaning of friendship. The deep feeling of love. Thank you so much. I want to give all of you the highest and best courtesy to you. From this day on, let’s live our life better than yesterday. God Bless Us all.

7a – 8a – 9d = All Are Dazzling! –> Well, it sounds kinda awkward, though. LOL. 😛



Gregorius Erico


A feeling is a storyline. It may goes up and down. We are writing them up. It’s your choice how you want to make up your story, one chapter at a time, that may last for so long.

I wanna talk about a feeling. We may find something interesting and unique about a feeling. It has a wide range of difference. There are many feelings: happiness, sadness, disappointment, gratefulness, and madness. It is just that big. These feelings are actually dominant in our life. It colours every single moment we have all along from the daybreak till the nightfall.

We basically wish for all-great moments we have in life. There would be no flaw in all the way through. But, can we imagine how plain would life be if we just have a static emotion without a change? It’s gonna be boring, certainly.

Well, I do have emotion and feeling. And in these recent days, I could hardly take it under control. I kept on losing control of myself just because of small things. Simple ones. It’s a tiring thing to be mad. Anger. Yeah, it is. If you ask people whether they want to be mad, they won’t give any agreement. I don’t know what makes me having hard times to settle my mind. I had a lot of things in my mind. They were rumpled in this head. Yes, here, in my head.

I know that maybe my problems aren’t that big, but I found it hard to deal with them. It took me a while to cope with them. Well, in these last couple days, I have been able to hold my anger, and I’m happy with that. I just kept on blaming others, especially you. Well, you know who you is. LOL.

It really distracted my mind and disabled me to study well for the pre-finaltest tests. I can only hope for good marks, now. So, I can have myself under control now, today. This is the delicate side of me. I used to have a very good self-control, but I gradually changed since last year. Now, I’ve realised that I’m going to the wrong path. I should go back to the right way, like before.

I personally want to apologies people who feel offended with my attitude these recent weeks, for sure. I might have done something that probably was done without the presence of my mind.

I’ve lost my conscientiousness, and I’ve got it back now. 🙂 It feels like coming back home, from far away. From the peculiar places.



Gregorius Erico

Protected: I want, yet don’t

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Pray for Japan, Pray for Indonesia

Friday, 11th March 2011… The world grieve and send forth their condolences to Japan. The country of East Asia, the coast country. At 2 p.m. local time, the Earth tested them with 8.9 SR earthquake which particularly didn’t give any significant damage to the cities, but, everything turned into eerie as tsunami, 6-feet high, hit the coastlines of Japan, and until today, over 1,000 people pronounced dead, and hundreds missing.

And regarding to this natural disaster, I personally want to express my condolences, too, for the Japanese.

Behind all the destructed frontline and appearance of Japan, we can still find something that we should learn from the Japanese. As they were hit in the afternoon, the government did such a distinguish reaction toward the incident. They acted like a zoom. They really concerned about their country, their people. They are just that valuable, that they are not things to be forgotten. The prime minister reported intensive update about the rescuing plans. And most transportation are available by the next morning. There’s no other things that the people do to really recover their country. They just simply want to do it, and make everything better. We are all amazed with what Japan do. We all pray for Japan, as well as, Indonesians.

However, while people are praying for Japan, I simply want to pray for Indonesia. In amid of such chaotic situation in government and other government boards, we can’t see the willingness of them to put their people at the utmost priority. The people are screaming for help, and suffering of painful deaths. But, what do the government hear? Nothing. They are definitely deaf. Earless. And more than that, heartless.

As an Indonesian, I feel pity of my own country. I have never been happy for this country, as if it doesn’t change. As we can see, natural disasters are likely to happen in Indonesia. But what? What the fucking things that people in government do? They are sitting on their chair, watching those who are trying to stay alive from the TV, drinking coffee. What the hell on Earth is in their mind? Even if they are doing operations to rescue them, they have never been fully completed. EVEN IN SUCH CONDITION, LIES AND HYPOCRITES DO STILL EXIST! YET CORRUPTION! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU ALL THINKING, BLOODY IDIOT GOVERNMENT? YOU ARE ALL LIKE PIECES OF ROTTEN SHITS! I JUST REALLY HATE YOU! I’LL NEVER SHUT MY MOUTH TO TAUNT YOU!!

I’m so shy to be a part of their useless and pointless agenda. They are the condemned ones. They don’t deserve to stay up there, while people down here are creaking.

So, I pray for Indonesia so that they can really take good example of Japan and especially, Chile. Remember the trapped miners? The president conducted the rescuing operation. That’s how a leader act. They serve those who ones lead.



Gregorius Erico