The Storyline

The long yet short three years that we have finally gone through. These three years have been filled with smiles and frowns, sunny days and dreary cold rainy days, admittance and denials. Everything is colouring all the way that we probe.

We are now facing the final examinations to determine whether we are decent, after spending most of our days in school since 2007 to make our way through to senior years. This signs our last moments in junior high years. Let’s fight until the last drop of our sweat, last remaining strength to finish this storyline. All the hard-work and sweats paid off. At this point, it’s still barely clear in my head, the first days I was in amid of the brand new environment and society for me, in this school.

I have learnt so many good things that I will always remember to be applied as the guide for my life. One thing that I want myself to know, and everybody, as well, I do not regret any single thing to moving to this school. I feel a whole excitement and gratefulness to be here. I can be in the middle of fantastic people that make my days. From this moment on, I’m sure that I won’t forget y’all.

Whenever we are at the brink of the very last moment of any great journey, the picture, memory, and the prologue of the story are rushing into our head. They are undeniable, and can’t be prevented. That’s how the natural flow goes.

Back to the very first day of my schooldays in Santa Laurensia Junior High School. I was in 7a. The class with many new things to be learnt as a very good start of my life. I felt like being reborn, as I saw my life before was extremely different and it led me nowhere. From the moment I was in grade 7, I felt like this was the moment for me to change my whole life, and that’s why I’m happy to be here. Back then, it was the strangest and most awkward situation I have ever felt. That time, I was a total stranger with no one I knew. I just simply needed to push myself to get to know each other, better, at least. Yeah…

I remembered the first friends I had, Kevin, Ricky, Mike, Pepe, Chandra, DhiDhi, and the stories went on. At the first trial of being a stranger, being distinguished but not in the good way, I slightly lost my confidence and comfort a bit. However, I tried to get along with it, and I could finally quit the nightmares, my first and worst nightmare, ever. Well, I don’t want to blame you because of what you did that time, but it also taught me how to cope with new people and made me see myself better from a different way. The best way to learn is from experience, and the one that can make us learn even faster is friend, and so I want to determine all of you as my true friends. 🙂

Then, we briskly walked up to grade 8. I got other new friends. In my second year, it seemed that I could go along with the flow better than I used to in grade 7. Well, I had the capability to do it because of the past experience that I had. I knew more and more people that year — the most, I guess.

Finally, I arrived at grade 9, where the conclusion of this story will be made. We are at the last chapters of this story, but it doesn’t mean that our biggest story ends here. You should know that this is just the second edition out of tens edition, perhaps. By closing this sequel with the conclusion, it gives you a very wide chance to continue writing the next sequel. And you all have to do it. So, as we are approaching the very end, let’s do our best to make such a beautiful ending of this short journey. 🙂

I love you all.

Thank your for becoming such awesome friends to me. You all have taught me many lessons of life. The true meaning of friendship. The deep feeling of love. Thank you so much. I want to give all of you the highest and best courtesy to you. From this day on, let’s live our life better than yesterday. God Bless Us all.

7a – 8a – 9d = All Are Dazzling! –> Well, it sounds kinda awkward, though. LOL. 😛



Gregorius Erico



A feeling is a storyline. It may goes up and down. We are writing them up. It’s your choice how you want to make up your story, one chapter at a time, that may last for so long.

I wanna talk about a feeling. We may find something interesting and unique about a feeling. It has a wide range of difference. There are many feelings: happiness, sadness, disappointment, gratefulness, and madness. It is just that big. These feelings are actually dominant in our life. It colours every single moment we have all along from the daybreak till the nightfall.

We basically wish for all-great moments we have in life. There would be no flaw in all the way through. But, can we imagine how plain would life be if we just have a static emotion without a change? It’s gonna be boring, certainly.

Well, I do have emotion and feeling. And in these recent days, I could hardly take it under control. I kept on losing control of myself just because of small things. Simple ones. It’s a tiring thing to be mad. Anger. Yeah, it is. If you ask people whether they want to be mad, they won’t give any agreement. I don’t know what makes me having hard times to settle my mind. I had a lot of things in my mind. They were rumpled in this head. Yes, here, in my head.

I know that maybe my problems aren’t that big, but I found it hard to deal with them. It took me a while to cope with them. Well, in these last couple days, I have been able to hold my anger, and I’m happy with that. I just kept on blaming others, especially you. Well, you know who you is. LOL.

It really distracted my mind and disabled me to study well for the pre-finaltest tests. I can only hope for good marks, now. So, I can have myself under control now, today. This is the delicate side of me. I used to have a very good self-control, but I gradually changed since last year. Now, I’ve realised that I’m going to the wrong path. I should go back to the right way, like before.

I personally want to apologies people who feel offended with my attitude these recent weeks, for sure. I might have done something that probably was done without the presence of my mind.

I’ve lost my conscientiousness, and I’ve got it back now. 🙂 It feels like coming back home, from far away. From the peculiar places.



Gregorius Erico


Protected: I want, yet don’t

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Pray for Japan, Pray for Indonesia

Friday, 11th March 2011… The world grieve and send forth their condolences to Japan. The country of East Asia, the coast country. At 2 p.m. local time, the Earth tested them with 8.9 SR earthquake which particularly didn’t give any significant damage to the cities, but, everything turned into eerie as tsunami, 6-feet high, hit the coastlines of Japan, and until today, over 1,000 people pronounced dead, and hundreds missing.

And regarding to this natural disaster, I personally want to express my condolences, too, for the Japanese.

Behind all the destructed frontline and appearance of Japan, we can still find something that we should learn from the Japanese. As they were hit in the afternoon, the government did such a distinguish reaction toward the incident. They acted like a zoom. They really concerned about their country, their people. They are just that valuable, that they are not things to be forgotten. The prime minister reported intensive update about the rescuing plans. And most transportation are available by the next morning. There’s no other things that the people do to really recover their country. They just simply want to do it, and make everything better. We are all amazed with what Japan do. We all pray for Japan, as well as, Indonesians.

However, while people are praying for Japan, I simply want to pray for Indonesia. In amid of such chaotic situation in government and other government boards, we can’t see the willingness of them to put their people at the utmost priority. The people are screaming for help, and suffering of painful deaths. But, what do the government hear? Nothing. They are definitely deaf. Earless. And more than that, heartless.

As an Indonesian, I feel pity of my own country. I have never been happy for this country, as if it doesn’t change. As we can see, natural disasters are likely to happen in Indonesia. But what? What the fucking things that people in government do? They are sitting on their chair, watching those who are trying to stay alive from the TV, drinking coffee. What the hell on Earth is in their mind? Even if they are doing operations to rescue them, they have never been fully completed. EVEN IN SUCH CONDITION, LIES AND HYPOCRITES DO STILL EXIST! YET CORRUPTION! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU ALL THINKING, BLOODY IDIOT GOVERNMENT? YOU ARE ALL LIKE PIECES OF ROTTEN SHITS! I JUST REALLY HATE YOU! I’LL NEVER SHUT MY MOUTH TO TAUNT YOU!!

I’m so shy to be a part of their useless and pointless agenda. They are the condemned ones. They don’t deserve to stay up there, while people down here are creaking.

So, I pray for Indonesia so that they can really take good example of Japan and especially, Chile. Remember the trapped miners? The president conducted the rescuing operation. That’s how a leader act. They serve those who ones lead.



Gregorius Erico


Entitlement Day

I have just been woken up for 45 minutes, approximately. The first thought of the day was about the game today. Even when I was taking a bath, my mind started to imagine and wonder of the field. It feels like I really can feel the adrenaline and energy to play today. So, according to the given schedule, we are playing Jakarta International Korean School, today. We have never met them before, but, we have to play whatsoever it takes.

I started slowly this morning. I took a bath and felt the warm water sip into my pores and it gave more consciousness to me. My body felt so light to make more motion.

So, right after I’m done, I open my laptop: twitter, safari. I’m currently checking my facebook, airline manager, JSFL Website, as well as writing this blog.

I can still feel the adrenaline from the top of my head down to my toes. It fills my whole body, giving me no chance to stay cool and remain patient.

Okay, I’m currently waiting for my parents to take a bath, and it seems to take a quite longer time, as my lil’ brother is having a poo-poo in the toilet. Now, I think I’ll just get my stuffs prepared before we leave home. See ya!


New Year 2011

2010 is closing its journey soon. It has done many great things through the rest of its life. And so do I –experiencing my life this year. I got so many aesthetic events this year.

It has designed me, polishing me becoming someone different than before — better than before. It makes me gaining many new things to learn. It completes my day with smiles and frowns, ups and downs, laughs and tears. I love this year, entirely, from the start to the end. And I’m glad to have the chance to feel it.

And now, in counts of hours, we are all gonna wade through the line of age and time. We are drifting into a new book of life, where the Earth has arrived to the point where it started its evolution against sun.

So, by having a new year, it sounds better to have a happy new year. Shouldn’t have we been overpowered by troughs that we experienced behind. We look back, starting from the very beginning of 2010 and now, having ourselves standing at the edge of 2010, and facing forward to welcome 2011 with its mysteries, we shouldn’t be afraid.

If we begin something with joy, all good things and deeds are likely to fill our days and times we spend with people around us, as we have believed it from the beginning. It’s not a vain, for a certain thing, that we welcome 2011 with gladsome.

If we haven’t done any thing that we think is good for us, you are given another chance! Life is an never ending ocean, that you may still find an island to moor at the shore. If the waves and storms have been distracting you away from your island — goals, achievements, dreams, then, swim harder this time. Imagine yourself sitting under the coconut tree, drinking the coconut water. That must be passionating.

Everyone is fantasising to have a better life. 2011 is the time.

It’s the final countdown to welcome 2011. You can have your own way to welcome it, and make it as the best thing, and as a kindling start.


Gregorius Erico


Chapter 1

James was just an ordinary student in his high school, in his town. He was about to meet his final exam for this year, and would sign up for college, respectively. He served as the president of the student prefect in his school and the founder of science and journalistic club.

James had a little brother in elementary. He would be 8-year-old this October. His name was Charles. He was a kind of a childish little cute boy. He got a dimple on his cheeks, with his blonde hair and blue eyes. Charles went to a different school to James.

In his life, James could be nominated as a lucky boy with the experience that he had. He was a genius boy with many talents and other skills. Last year, he was invited as a guest of honour on International Science Projects which was intended for young people. He established his mind-blowing project entitled Sunlight Harvester which interested all of the experts and judges in that exhibition. James liked to spend most of his time in the laboratory, in school. His team had proposed various projects in school.

Mr. Jerry Dixon, James and Charles dad was a successive Chief Executive Officer of a famous automobile producer in England. His wife had a bright career as a journalist. She had travelled to many beautiful spots in all around the world, merely to cover news. That was an interesting job, ever.

One evening, after James finished his school, as usual, he picked his brother in his school and waited there for mom to pick them up using the silver Mercedes Benz SLR they owned. That was her favourite car. He had been gladly doing this since Charles entered elementary, as he was still too young to go out alone, prone to the traffic surrounding.

“How was your school today, Charlie?” Mom asked.

“I played football with my friends and I was so happy!” He had that big smile on his face, and heart. “But I slipped on the mud and I was covered with mud. But I was also lucky that Ms. Cornelia borrowed me the towel from gymnasium and I cleaned myself.”

“Uh-oh. You’d be careful next time, young man.”

Charles liked to play football. He always watched the Premiere League on TV when there was any. His favourite team was The Red Devils – Manchester United. Tonight, they would welcome Newcastle United in Old Trafford, few miles away from our home. Every day, their loyal mother always drove them back home. The drive usually took ten to fifteen minutes.

James had a glance to his watch as they arrived home. It struck to 3:20 PM. Charles and him headlong jumped onto the couch and propped and switched the channel to ESPN. The programme schedule now, 3:30 PM was the Football News of Premiere League. The league standings showed Manchester United at the first place. The brotherhood seemed exhilarated.

James got himself ran over the staircases and slid through his bedroom door on the second floor. His room was full of stacks of science books, as well as some literature – novels. His book collections were mostly fiction, yet some non-fiction. When you skimmed over his novels, Sidney Sheldon and J.K. Rowling would appear at the higher intensity than other authors. They both were his predilection.

He quested for his novel, Charlie St. Cloud, by Ben Sherwood. Then, he grabbed the book and lied on the bed, facing down and read the book. It took him two hours to spend, reading the book. He ended up on chapter 28 out of 38.

“James, do you want to have your dinner now?” His mother’s voice echoed through downstairs to his ears, upstairs. They had just moved from their old domicile in Birmingham, since the start of new academic year of James’ new school. Their father’s company headquarter was moved closer to Manchester City, so he came out with the resolution of moving to Manchester. They were now closer to Old Trafford.

Really, he was a brilliant boy. He had barely done a great elaboration to his school, even in his first year there.

“Alright, right away.” James dripped down the stairs and got himself prepared for dinner. No longer, his father returned from work. They sat together and had their dinner. It was served by the hands of the beautiful woman in house, Mrs. Amber Dixon.

She was a woman with caramel-colour eyes, with her blonde hair, with some touch of French descendant. She was 165 cm (change to feet). The nutrition consumption seemed met its accurate amount to her – she had the perfect body. Her face reflected the prominence inside her and her body gave the infallible sexiness in her stringent black silk suit, just like the costume of international spy in movies (give one movie name).

That time, their father turned that moment into an eventful time.

“Boys, wait a minute.” He walked back to the car at the carport and took his black bag. His hands tried to swarm through the bag which seemed empty.

“I’ve got something for my juniors,” he wore his mischievous smile. Two tickets of football match between Manchester United and Newcastle United were on their hands. James and Charles stared at the tickets in the grip of their hands for a while. Rejoiced.

Charles jumped onto his father’s cuddle. “Thank you, Daddy!”

“Thanks, Dad,” James smiled and conveyed his thankfulness.

“Have a good time.” His father replied.

The brothers went upstairs and locked themselves in their own rooms. Thereafter, it was just the time for them, 48-hours before they would be seated on two of the benches in Old Trafford, the Manchester United’s stadium.

Yeah! The fans of The Red Devils had the match ticket, on Sunday, handed over to his hand. He felt the exuberance in his mind. It felt freshened. He bought the ticket for £50.00.

He posted his delight on twitter, using his account: @benflo. His name was Ben Florio. Ben was registered as a student in a high school in Manchester. Throughout the rest of his school years, he began to be interested in business since he was in middle school. Working as a part-time worker in a small Chinese restaurant, he had learnt and tasted the hardship of life.

His father passed away one-and-a-half years ago because of the assassination by the biggest secret mafia association in England. Ever since time, the choices and demands of life hadn’t been as easy as flipping hands over. He had got to take care of his younger brother who was still in middle school and her mother who had retired from her job as a cook in a hotel. It was likely to be a miracle they could still survive in the amid of the dread in a lifetime.


An End before the End

I was thinking of a situation which is likely to be experienced by many people in working out their plans for something. Sometimes, people big plans to be implemented, for themselves, or for the society around them.

Pertaining to big and complicated plans, they are often stumbled with hindrances and they frequently extinguish the wildfire-like spirit inside ones. That’s what I mean by the end before the end.

So, do we really have the likelihood to experience this kind of thing in our lives? Yes, we are supposed to.

However, there are many affairs which can be those hindrances for us. But, they are mostly people who are close to us themselves. Because, actually, it rarely happens that what becomes influences of the problems are the aliens or those who we don’t really know.

I frequently get myself snared among the amid of failures and discourage from people. This is a true experience of mine. And it isn’t scarce for me.

It sometimes drags me to an end, which is not meant to be the end. It takes me closer to the dilemma to surrender.

It has always been easier to go with the flow of deterioration because you need no strength to resist, but it always ends up with regrets and despondence.

Before that kind of end comes, you have to encounter the current and lift yourself up, out of your own affliction. Yes, you have to, because it’s only you who can.

In encountering the hardships of your life path, you need to find your wisdom. Wise people won’t let their anxiety takes over their mind. You have to do the thing as they do.

Then, if problems occur in a day, don’t let them track you back in course of the night. Leave them in disorientation and speed away into a new condition of yours. You don’t have any obligation to recall the past griefs, because it will just be an obstacle that you, not accidentally made, but you mean to let it occur.

And so, to have yourself get rid of circumstance of surrender and hopelessness, your mind state what you want to do.


AYC Preparatory Days

Saturday, July 17 2010.

On that day, we are going to have our second official meeting for preparation for ASEAN Youth Convention (AYC). We are going to be injected with some issues and training about the convention. We held our first official meeting on Wednesday, July 15 2010. How can we give our best enrollment and contribution in the convention as if we have nothing to be grown inside our head – no seed of any knowledge?

On Saturday, we are going to hold meeting with duration of SIX hours. None of us has imagined of what on Earth we are going to do. That gives us food for thought.

We have come so far and so close to the convention. It’s just less then two weeks ahead for us, the leaders. We just need to take another few steps, heading to the new life beyond the gateway. We are going to leave on July 27, 2010 while the other ordinary – none of us are literally ordinary, because they have joined this convention, it’s definitely not ordinary. They are just the participants – non-leaders. I’m included into the group of leaders. There are 8 leaders from our school – leaders and assistant leaders. We are going to represent Indonesia and team during the convention in Singapore. I think it’s gonna be a fun, extraordinary and remarkable activity.

In Singapore, we may meet people who have influence and existence in building Asia, training it becoming the truly tigers; Minister of Singapore, General Secretariat of ASEAN and so forth.

Recalling our previous meeting, we discussed about how we are going to design our future stand for Indonesia during the convention, how we will present Indonesia to the world. That must be the manifestation of our pride and prestige. We did a presentation in front of the participants of our own and Renhui, the presenter of the meeting from Singapore. She is currently taking university in University of Toronto in Canada – just like my cousins, Mika and Nico. *Jacky, you must know them*

Everybody did proverbial job during the period. Their ideas were great. Those which didn’t come across my mind, popped inside theirs.

Okay, just another pronouncement of passion and spirit for the convention.


My Name is Khan

Standing all alone, against all the odds, staring at the emptiness of our sight, pierced from any ways. That was the best words to describe the condition of being a ‘Khan’ through his childhood.

Saturday morning, I woke up at 7 a.m. and I had my private mandarin course at home. Well, I was actually a little bit lazy to attend it, but what can be done, my parents were home. Then, after one and a half hour, beginning from 7.30 a.m, I finished the course. Suddenly, I felt that by body had no strength to hold itself, and I fell onto my bed – I was sleepy. The clock kept ticking for nine-thousand times – two hours thirty minutes, and I was sleeping with no conciousness. Afterwards, I was woken up with an excessive shock! The time showed 11.30 a.m.

The night before, I was having a conversation with Elva, using Yahoo Messenger.

“Elva, are you busy tomorrow afternoon, eh?”

“Nope. Why?” She replied.

I explained my scheme for the day after. We agreed that we were going to watch Hachiko at 12.15 p.m, in term that her girl friends came with us.

Then, I got off my bed in rush, and called my mother; yes, I hadn’t asked for permission that day. Luckily, my mother agreed, though we were having some discussion for a while.

At 11.45, I rushed to the bathroom and did a quite express bath. Later, Elva texted me and said that her friends had canceled their reunion, and I was a little bit confused, because Elva might not come that day, and I should be alone at Puri. Sooner, Vinsen told me via text message that he was coming to Puri, as well, with Ferio and Kevin. I was really glad to hear that! I was survived.

And then, at a quarter to one, Elva texted my again and said that Ardine, Wienny and someone else would also come to Puri, and Elva eventually came to Puri as well.

Long story short, we watched Hachiko together at 2.55 p.m. and right after the movie ended, Elva went home with her sister, while me, Ferio and Kevin were looking forward to watch another movie, “My Name is Khan”.

-to be continued tomorrow (I’m tired)-